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The Mane Method

The Mane Method is a one-of-a-kind system that offers guests a predictable, luxurious, holistic and customized hair extension experience so they feel confident and empowered in their healthy hair routine and non-toxic salon experience.

Learn more about each method below and when you're ready to book your free consultation, we will create a package including the total price based on your unique hair goals.  All extension guests receive an at-home hair guide and a take-home care bag.

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All methods include the following:

  • Pre-visit intake form 

  • In-person consultation with a hair and scalp analysis to determine if extensions are suitable for you

  • In the chair organic treatment

  • Precision haircut/trim (if desired and/or needed)

  • Signature Style Options

  • Unique non-toxic product recommendations based on client concerns and hair goals

  • Personalized Care Tips to set clients up for at-home success

  • Pre-book next visit

The Mane Look

This service is for guests who want to add extensions for density or length with zero color to their natural hair.  Some dimension can be added with the new extension hair if desired and will be planned out during the consultation.  This method is the healthiest option that avoids chemical processing and color maintenance.

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A client favorite


The Holistic Mane

Most popular

This service is for guests wanting to deepen/enhance the tone of their natural hair and add shine, with an all-over non-toxic color/glaze.  It also includes the option to darken the roots.  After the customized spa mask treatment in the bowl, we install the extensions for density and/or length with the ability to add more of the client’s desired color/s with the extension hair.

The Mane Glow

This service is for guests wanting lived-in non-toxic color to add lightness throughout based on a special combination of the client’s goals and TMS’s signature techniques.  We then treat the hair with The Holistic Mane Method and finalize the service with the hair extension installation.  More color can be added with the extension hair and will be planned during the consultation.  Please note that this service is for guests wanting to add density or some length and isn't suitable for short to drastically long dimensional transformations or color corrections.



Hair Extensions
Extensions will need to be moved up every 5 weeks.  The extension hair will need to be replaced every 8-14 months with proper at-home care.


Each Row $76
Hidden Bead $95
Removal  $50/row


1 row $127
2 rows $254
3 rows $380
4 rows $455

Depending on color goals, it is generally recommended to regloss, treat and trim the hair every 5-15 weeks. 
All color prices include a treatment, an option to trim, and a finished style.
Half Gloss/Top Only $100-150
Full Gloss $150-250

Please note that package pricing and maintenance costs for your customized service will be determined during the in-person consultation and extension tranformations will include 100% Remy Human Hair. 

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