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Hey, Beautiful!

How Are You Adjusting?

You already took the first steps in investing in your hair and your confidence, and I'm cheering you as your positive vibes radiate!  We covered a lot between your consultation and your visit and I know it can be hard to remember it all. The first few days after a new hair extension installation might be a little nerve-racking so I am here to help guide and support you!


I've curated this page specifically for all my Mane Babes as a resource. At-home care is the secret to making your investment last.  Like I always say, The Magic Is In The Routine.  It can be a little tricky in the beginning, but with the right habits, you'll love the assurance you gain when it comes to caring for your hair extensions, and you might even get creative when it comes to trying new hairstyles. 


With a safe installation now being complete, the health of your scalp, natural hair, color, and extensions is dependent upon your strategy for at-home care.

Should you have any questions along the way, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at

I'm so freaking excited you chose me as your stylist, and I can't wait for our next visit!

Healthy Hair Habits

The Magic Is In The Routine

Denver hair extension salon
Denver hair extension salon



Prepping for sleep will be one of the main ingredients for not only healthy extensions but for the overall health of your hair. Switching to a silk or satin pillowcase will help prevent matting, preserve the moisture in your hair, and extend your hairstyle and curls.


Always remember these

Healthy Hair Habits-


Serum, Tangles, Up, Dry, Silk

Apply 1-2 pumps of serum to your mids and ends every night. Brush both sides of your wefts AND your hair to remove all tangles paying special attention to the hair near the base of the extensions.

Always sleep with your hair in a loose bun or braid secured with a silk/satin scrunchie, and sleep on a silk pillowcase or with a bonnet. Never go to sleep with wet hair!




The Bellami b​rush you received in your take-home bag contains natural fiber and pliable plastic nylon and is the safest and easiest to use. The natural fibers help spread natural oils while the nylon bristles effectively yet gently remove tangles.


Always brush while gently supporting the top of the weft with the palm of your hand. It is easiest to separate your hair from the extensions using a clip. Applying serum to the hair prior to brushing will help protect the hair and evenly distribute the oil.

Brush starting at the ends of your hair (don't forget to support and protect the top of the weft) and work your way toward your scalp. You want to detangle both sides of your extensions. If you have more than one row installed, be sure to brush in between them, as well!


You'll want to brush a minimum of two times daily: upon waking and prior to bed. If you work out, brush it after your workout, too, as this usually causes some friction if your hair is rubbing against your shirt from cardio and other training sessions.

denver hair extensions
denver hair extensions



I strive to bring you the safest and most effective products that protect your hair, extensions, and scalp. Some ingredients can cause damage to your extensions that alter the color or condition, so be sure to follow your personalized home care recommendations.

Sunscreens containing Avobenzone and Octocrylene will cause permanent discoloration to your extensions.

Protein-based products cause extensions to become dry and brittle, which increases your risk of tangling, matting, and breakage.

Products that build up weaken hair strands and require additional washes resulting in shortened wear and excessive fading.


The fewer products you use, the longer your extensions will last, but don't be tempted to skip your serum and moisture products!




Shampooing is the tricky part. You're going to be tempted to be suuuper gentle. Gentle is good but your scalp still needs some love so don't be afraid to get close to the tops of the wefts.  Make sure all tangles are removed before shampooing.

Starting in the nape or with the bottom weft you'll want to clip all other rows up. Take a small amount of your cleanser and pre-lather it in your hands with a little water. Work the shampoo into your wet hair and scalp using moderate pressure and work your way across the row massaging horizontally with your fingers above and below the stitch line. Next, take down the row above it and gently cleanse using the same steps above. Continue working your way toward the top, releasing a new row until you've shampooed your entire scalp. Once you've gotten all of your scalp cleansed, gently rinse and massage the shampoo simultaneously through the mids/ends.  If you shampoo more than once weekly, do this process once.  If you shampoo only once weekly, repeat the above steps, but don't worry too much about lathering the shampoo through the ends as you rinse the second time.



Prepare to wash 1-2 times a week or before your scalp gets flaky. If you're short on time, you can do a half wash to get you through another day. Just pull back your extensions and wash the hair above the top row in the sink and style per usual!

denver hair extension salon
denver hair extension salon



One morning without serum won't cause much harm but don't. skip. your weekly mask treatment. 

Applying a mask treatment in place of a traditional conditioner helps soften and detangle hair; just be sure to avoid the base of the extensions and your scalp as a mask is not needed in this area.  Don't forget to apply the mask to your natural hair too.


Emulsify the mask into the towel-dried mids and ends of your hair and hair extensions. Allow the mask to sit for a minimum of 5 minutes (even better if you can leave it on for a few hours) then rinse thoroughly, towel dry with a micro-fiber towel, and apply your serum.



Drying your extensions can seem a little daunting at first. You're dealing with a lot more hair, but it has its perks, too!


Always remember to apply your styling products as suggested by your stylist after you've towel-dried your hair.  Clip the hair above your top row out of the way and begin by blow-drying the top of your wefts until thoroughly dry. Leaving this area wet can cause itchiness so it is important to focus here.

Once you've got the base of your hair extensions dry, focus on removing 80-90% of the moisture from the rest of the hair. Your hair and extensions are more susceptible to breakage when wet, so be sure to dry most of the way BEFORE bringing a brush into the mix. 

Use a flat brush to smooth and finish blow-drying your hair and extension. From here, you're free to curl or straighten your hair.

denver hair extension salon
denver hair extensions



Depending on the texture of your hair, blow drying may be all that is needed for day one styling. If you prefer to wear your hair curled or sleek, you're free to do so.

The biggest change you'll make is how you section your hair. I suggest working with one row at a time and working with sections that are manageable.  It's the easiest way to ensure your finished look is seamless.


If you're not a fan of hot tools...braids, and heat-less silk/satin rods, provide gorgeous styling options without the heat. 

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If you are going to get your extensions wet, you'll want to make sure you prepare them before the fun begins!


You'll start by wetting your extensions with regular tap water and towel drying them.  Apply a generous amount of Oway's Sun Protective Elixir or your hair mask and gently massage it throughout your hair.


Gently but securely braid your hair or wear it in a low or medium bun. Swim as usual and when you're done follow up with your cleanser, mask, and serum.​

hair extension salon denver
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